Girls Puperty or Age Attending

Many boys don’t know how do the girls age attent or girls puberty. So, they wanna know how do the girls age attent. Like that many ngirls don’t know what happen when they ateend adult age.

The chemical called Hormones will grow in body more. Because of Hormones the changes would be happen in the body shape, Breast and in Vagina.

The menses are come through the Vagina with blood. this is to loose blood once a month form the part of the body where a baby would develop. this is alse Known as Menstrute or a period. To clean these menses the girls wear the wishper, or stayfree to have a happy period.Example when the girls attend first period today (4-7) the second period will come next month that is (4-8). These process are called Period cycle.

How do the bobs grows?

In girls buds will grow in their Breast. At mature stage these buds develops into bobs. These bobs will grow begger as shown below

13 Years Girl Bobs

Why Do the girls wear Bra?

At the adult satge the bobs will groes int very bigger. So, when the girls wear T-shirts the bobs can be see clearly. To avoid this sexual feelings, the girls pratice wearing Bra.

Pubic hair are the one type of hair. These hairs grows in boys and girls. In women it will grow above the vaginal region as shown below.

Removing pubic hair

Some girls and women shave off part or all of their pubic hair. There is no need to remove the hair to keep the area clean. So, the decision to remove pubic hair often is just based on trends, which change over time.

Keep a few facts in mind:

  • The pubic area is very sensitive. It can easily get irritated or infected.
  • If you wax, be careful. Waxing works by pulling out the hair.
  • If you shave, you can give yourself a painful cut.
  • As shaved hair grows back, it can feel itchy and uncomfortable.
  • If you decide to use a hair-removal cream, make sure it says it’s gentle enough for using in the pubic area.
  • Don’t put on any product that could sting, like aftershave lotion. To help avoid irritation, don’t use products with added dyes or fragrances.

If you’ve got more questions about taking care of this sensitive area, talk with an adult you trust.

How much Vaginal Discharge is normal?

The amount of discharge can vary among girls depending on their age, hormones, sexual activities, and how often or heavy their periods are when they come. The discharge is usually heavier right before your period, when you are pregnant, or if you are taking the “pill”.

When to be Concerned about Discharge

Normal discharge is clear, transparent or white in color and can vary in thickness from runny to thicker like mucous. It is usually white when wet and more yellow when dry. It can also be brownish red in color, especially right after your period.

• Sudden increase in discharge volume

• It is an unusual color like brown, red, or green or yellow

• It has an unusual bad smell

• It itches (may be a yeast infection)

• It has an odd texture or is clumpy (ex. It may look like cottage cheese)

• Spotting when you should be having your period

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